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Paket Reguler Bulanan

  • Biaya pasang Rp 150.000 (harga normal Rp 200.000)
  • Free iuran bulan pertama untuk paket yang dipilih
  • Gratis 2 bulan siaran Full Channel (mulai bulan 2 & 3)
promo2014 indovision online promo paket berlangganan harga gratis agen memberclub indovisionclub Promo Indovision

Paket Khusus 6 Bulanan

  • Pembayaran tunai di muka untuk 6 bulan
  • Biaya pasang Rp 150.000 (harga normal Rp 200.000)
  • Bayar 6 bulan di muka FREE 2 bulan di bulan ke 1 dan 8
  • Gratis All Channel selama 2 bulan (mulai bulan 2 & 3)

Paket Khusus 1 Tahun

  • Bayar iuran di muka untuk 12 bulan
  • GRATIS Biaya pasang
  • Bayar 12 bulan di muka FREE 2 bulan di bulan ke-13 dan ke-14
  • Gratis 2 bulan full dan all channel (mulai bulan 2 & 3)

*)Ket: Iuran bulan ke-4 harus ditambah biaya berlangganan Ala Carte minimal Rp100.000,- baru bisa mendapatkan All Channel.
berlangganan indovision online promo paket berlangganan harga gratis agen memberclub indovisionclub Promo IndovisionMelayani Pemasangan Seluruh INDONESIA

Ketentuan Harga Baru

1.       New Subscriber
·         Berlaku mulai 15 Januari 2014 jam 00:00
·         Multi DSD baru harga mengikuti harga induknya
·         Berlaku untuk pelanggan baru ataupun beli putus
·         Ketentuan sbb :

Top TV

                                PERUBAHAN CHANNEL :

Top TV
Super  Galaxy
Channel Out
Russia Today
Russia Today
Russia Today
Russia Today
Russia Today
(1 Jan'14)
(1 Jan'14)
(1 Jan'14)
(1 Jan'14)
(1 Jan'14)
(15 Jan'14)
New Chanel
Life Time
Life Time
Life Time
Life Time
Fox Action
Life Time
Fox Action
Waku Waku*
                                Note :
·         Warner TV pada Top TV akan efektif naik per tanggal 15 Januari’14 jam 00:00
·         Fox Action untuk pelanggan Venus, Galaxy dan Super Galaxy dapat menyaksikan dengan menambah ala carte bersama dengan Fox Movies Premium dengan harga Rp 25,000
·         Waku-Waku akan efektif naik di bulan Februari (Date TBC)

Harga baru berlaku per tanggal 1 April  2014 dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :

·         Pelanggan sudah berlangganan 1 tahun atau lebih per tanggal 1 April 2014
·         Pelanggan yang masih terikat kontrak advance payment, maka harga baru berlaku setelah kontrak advance payment berakhir.
·         Pelanggan multi decoder : akan mengikuti induknya
o   Apabila induknya masih mengikuti harga lama, maka multi decoder baru diperhitungkan dgn harga lama
o   Tetapi apabila induknya sudah mengikuti harga baru, multi decoder akan mengikuti harga baru meskipun belum mencapai 1 tahun berlangganan

Paket Baru Indovision 2012

Kini Anda pecinta olahraga khususnya sepakbola dapat menikmati paket olah raga/sport seperti ESPN, Starsport, Eurosport yang sudah masuk di paket dasar yaitu paket "MARS" .

Paket MARS berisi 49 chanel dan harga perbulan hanya Rp149.000,-

Channel Indovision

HBO Signature - [Channel 6]
For those who want their TV provocative and entertaining, HBO SIGNATURE is just the channel for you! This 24-hour commercial-free channel that has distinct programming that pushes the limits,  seeks to take on the controversial, dares to be provocative with wide range of latest movies and series including HBO's Original Productions.
HBO - [Channel 7]
HBO is the channel for every movie lover, as HBO is home to the latest and biggest blockbuster movies  from Hollywood and independent studios. With 24 hours commercial free programming, HBO also offers the award winning HBO original series and movies.
MAX - [Channel 8]
If you're a fan of action, science-fiction and suspense movies, MAX  - previously known as Cinemax, is just for you. This is a commercial fee, 24 hour premium programming dedicated to action , suspense and sience fiction program  targeted to men, packing non-stop adrenaline entertainment.
HBO Family - [Channel 9]
HBO FAMILY is a channel featuring wholesome movies that families can enjoy together. Devoted to a family-friendly viewing environment and offers all age groups entertainment. 
HBO Hits - [Channel 10]
HBO HITS is a movie channel completely dedicated to blockbuster hits, 24-hours a day, commercial-free. HBO HITS features US - 100 box office movies in the year they were released or hits that garnered as winner or nominations of Oscar®/Golden Globe®.
FOX Movies Premium - [Channel 14]
FOX Movies Premium is a 24-hour television channel which delivers the biggest blockbusters from Hollywood. STAR MOVIES offers a vast selection of films covering a range of genres and also features the Emmy® award-winning and critically acclaimed series, as well as Opening Night and prestigious film industry events such as The Annual Academy Awards®. 
Formerly known as STAR Movies and renamed to FOX Movies Premium starting Jan 1st, 2012.
Fox Family Movies - [Channel 15]
Fox Family Movies is a unique all-movie channel designed for the entire family, a unique opportunity for young and old to bond over the best movie magic. The channel offers at least 40 different movies every month and a primetime Sunday premiere to highlight each week, along with eye-catching theme nights and special programming events to keep viewers coming back.
MGM - [Channel 18]
MGM Channel features handpicked entertainment from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library, the world’s largest modern Hollywood film library. MGM showcases Oscar winning favourites, modern movie masterpieces and all-time crowd pleasers classical movies.   
Thrill - [Channel 19]
THRILL is Asia’s home for the very best in thriller and suspense movies. It brings the most exciting thriller, suspense, supernatural & horror movies right into viewers' living room.
Celestial Movies - [Channel 20]
Step into "The World of Chinese Cinema" with CELESTIAL MOVIES to watch exclusive first-run blockbuster movies and all-time favorites from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan featuring super stars such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Donnie Yen and more!   Beyond Chinese movies, CELESTIAL MOVIES also brings you acclaimed movies from Korea, Japan and all across Asia. So if you want to watch Chinese and other Asian movies any time of the day in Cantonese and Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles, CELESTIAL MOVIES is your destination!
RED - [Channel 21]
RED premiering some of Asia’s latest blockbusters from thrillers to martial arts action, dramas to comedies. Also look out for Asia’s best TV series, star-studded interviews, entertainment news and more!
BabyTV - [Channel 40]
Baby Tv is Indonesia's first baby channel for children under 3 years of age, broadcasts 24 hours a day of commercial free designed specifically to build a firm foundation for your child’s future learning and was designed in conjunction with child psychologists and infant development experts. The programs introduce babies to the natural world and to primary skills through charming characters that inspire delight and curiosity. It is a safe small world to play and learn for babies through songs, stories and games. 
CBeebies - [Channel 41]
CBeebies is a unique channel with entertaining, interactive and educational programmes for pre-school children up to 6 years old. Loved by children for its bright, friendly and familiar characters and a safe environment channels for children.
Disney Junior - [Channel 43]
Disney Junior is a magical place on television where preschoolers can experience the wonder of magic and the love of learning with their favourite characters every day.
JimJam - [Channel 44]
JimJam is a TV channel dedicated to pre-school children aged between 1 – 6 years, and their parents and carers. JimJam is the ideal companion to parenting, providing a stimulating, fun and safe environment for young children. Its high quality programming stars some of the world’s best-loved pre-school TV characters. Trusted, inspiring and engaging, JimJam’s shows have been specifically created to contribute to the emotional, intellectual and social development of children.
Disney Channel - [Channel 45]
Disney Channel offers a variety of quality entertainment for kids and the whole family, starting from animation, live action series to movies. Disney Channel is releasing one or more of new episodes or new seasons, new movies, new original movie, new original series as well as new Third-Party titles.
Cartoon Network - [Channel 46]
Cartoon Network Channel is the home of fun and entertaining cartoon and animation series and movies for kids of all age.
Boomerang - [Channel 47]
Boomerang is a channel that shows classic animated cartoons and animated television series from the Warner Bros. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Hanna-Barbera.
KidsCo - [Channel 48]
KidsCo is a channel for children and the whole family. It offers entertainment for everyone with three different programming zones – ‘Pre-School Zone’, ‘Kids Zone’and the ‘Family Zone’. KidsCo is a fun, but safe environment for children.
Nickelodeon - [Channel 49]
Nickelodeon is dedicated for kids and young people age 6–20. It showcases the most-watched, top-rated shows, highly acclaimed animated hits, Live Action shows and other exciting programs.
YoYo TV Asia - [Channel 50]
Taiwan no.1 Kids' Chinese channel. An educational and fun channel which creates a great learning environment for kids through award winning programmes. Some programmes are tailored for English speaking background children to create more effective and faster learning amongst the kids.Some of the English flagship programmes include " YOYO DIY" and "YOYO Classroom".
LIFE - [Channel 70]
The most reliable and godly Christian-themed TV channel, available 24hours just for you!
SINDOtv - [Channel 83]
SINDOtv provide with various information packed in exciting programes such as talkshows, news, features and entertainment that fit the dynamic and diverse viewers' segmentation.
MNC News - [Channel 84]
MNC News Channel is a 24-hour Indonesian television news channel that provides various kind of programs from general news, Infotainment, sports and lifestyle news.
MNC Entertainment - [Channel 85]
MNC Entertainment Channel is another Indonesian 24 hours channel focusing on entertainment contents such as drama serials, sitcoms, reality shows and many others.
MNC Lifestyle - [Channel 94]
MNC Lifestyle reflects and encourages women who are looking for inspiration and ideas to improve their lifestyles. With original local content featuring celebrity news, fashion, beauty and food, serving as an entertainment destination for cosmopolitan trend seekers. Glamorous, trendy and inspiring, this stylish channel is alive with inspirational ideas to transform your life.
MNC Business - [Channel 95]
MNC Business is the in-house channel commited to business news in Indonesia. Get the latest, actual and most reliable news about business, stock market and economy, 24 hours a day. 
MNC Music - [Channel 96]
MNC Music is a 24 hours non stop music channel providing you with local and international music.
MNC Muslim - [Channel 97]
MNC Muslim is a 24 hours religion channel that delivers various Islamic programs through music clips, drama, news, talkshow, documantary and many more.
Vision Comedy - [Channel 101]
Indonesia’s first comedy channel that broadcast legendary and today’s comedy titles for 24 hours non-stop.
Vision 2 Drama - [Channel 150]
Vision 2 Drama is Indonesia's first teledramas TV channel that broadcasts world's best quality teledramas from Taiwan, Korea, and Latin America. 24 hours nonstop and dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia
Channel 8i - [Channel 151]
 8i is Singapore's 24 hour channel providing with of the latest Chinese dramas and well-loved classics, tapping on MediaCorp's library of 10,000 hours of entertainment plus an annual output of 500 hours of drama productions. The channel offer 6 hours of fresh dramas daily, always starting from 6pm to midnight.
FOXCrime - [Channel 152]
The one and only bold entertainment channel dedicated to CRIME, INVESTIGATION and MYSTERY. A special channel where one can find all shadows of crime and investigation stories.
FOX - [Channel 153]
FOX Channel is the general entertainment channel entirely dedicated to the best, new and classic television series. FOX has a top quality schedule, headlining innovative new series, as well as classic big hits in a variety of styles, including comedy, drama, science fiction, action, animation & reality
AXN - [Channel 154]
AXN is a destination for adventure and action movie lovers. It delivers top-rated drama series, blockbuster features, adventure-reality and first-run lifestyle sports programs from around the world, as well as dynamic original productions.
AXN Beyond - [Channel 155]
AXN is the destination channel for “out of the ordinary” content, with a programme line-up that includes drama series, movies and animations, across proven genres such as sci-fi and fantasy, horror and suspense, paranormal and supernatural. 
STAR World - [Channel 156]
STAR World, Asia’s No. 1 general entertainment channel, is the top choice of affluent adults in Asia. From all-time favorites to award-winning shows, STAR World offers exclusive first-runs of top-rated programming from the US and around the world; with a diverse range covering comedies, drama, reality & talent shows and live award events.
Animax - [Channel 157]
Animax features the latest Anime from Japan for kids, youth & young adults. It offers a dynamic line-up of not only the highest-rated, most popular anime programmes as well as shows never before seen outside of Japan, but also original productions, music and technology-lifestyle programmes.
Universal Channel - [Channel 158]
Some of the world’s favourite and most talked about shows and movies, Universal channel does more than bring you television that you watch – its entertainment you FEEL. Powered by character-driven shows, big personalities in rich plotlines, the heart of this channel is full of SENSATION. Compulsive, electric and fascinating – because GREAT ENTERTAINMENT is UNIVERSAL.
FX - [Channel 159]
FX is the edge of entertainment. It premieres award-winning, character-driven stories that resonate with its discerning audience, along with irreverent comedy, sophisticated drama, reality series and more.
Sony Entertainment Television - [Channel 160]
Sony Entertainment Television (SET) is a channel dedicated to urban women and the growing set of modern metro-sexual women. It  features a variety of programme genres such as fashion, reality, lifestyle, comedy and drama.  
Kix - [Channel 161]
KIX offers the very best in action entertainment for Asian viewers.  The channel brings together a breathtaking mix of action reality shows, extreme sports, mixed martial arts and fight tournaments, action drama, anime and much-loved action movies.
DIVA Universal - [Channel 162]
DIVA Universal is a feel good channel for women all over the world. It's upbeat, lively and optimistic, but at the same time full of emotion, poignancy and warmth. Packed with great drama, uplifting movies and dynamic reality shows, with DIVA Universal, entertainment is a celebration. 
WarnerTV - [Channel 163]
WARNER TV features an unprecedented mix of hit television series and blockbuster motion pictures, specifically selected for Asian audiences.
Syfy Universal - [Channel 165]
Syfy Universal is a channel that fuels imagination through science fiction, fantasy, mystery, paranormal and alternate fiction, science fact, horror, paranormal and fantasy genres featuring series, movies, and other programming from NBC Universal and other major studios. 
BBC Knowledge - [Channel 200]
BBC Knowledge showcases the best of the BBC's award-winning factual and documentary programming. BBC Knowledge will have broad viewer appeal, with five key programming strands: The World, Science and Technology, Business, The Past, People.The BBC sets the international benchmark for premium factual programming.
Discovery Channel - [Channel 201]
Discovery Channel provides high quality documentaries that offer viewers universal insights into the inner workings of the real world. Well-known in offering visual stunning programs, extraordinary cinematography that takes viewers to explore the world.   
National Geographic Channel - [Channel 202]
National Geographic Channel provides smart and innovative programming weighted in favour of popular science, technology, natural history, archaeology and natural mysteries.
Animal Planet - [Channel 203]
Animal Planet presents unpredictable and unscripted entertainment of animal behavior. A perfect channel for animal lovers.
National Geographic Wild - [Channel 204]
Nat Geo Wild is dedicated to providing  unique insight into the natural world from the most remote wild landscapes and the forbidding depths of the oceans, to the protected parks with spectacular cinematography and compelling storytelling
Discovery Science - [Channel 205]
Discovery Science is the only network dedicated to making science programming accessible, relevant and entertaining starting from the depths of our galaxy to the practical science in the world around us. Discovery science cover wide variety of genres including Science, exploration, technology and cutting edge discoveries, medical research and advances, astronomy, space, genetics, the human body.   
The History Channel - [Channel 206]
The History Channel is devoted exclusively to historical programming. It offers entertaining facts of the past and today, with analysis of historical events, humans, and metaphysical phenomenon, based on the researches and information from historians, authors, eye witnesses, and the people who were directly involved. 
The Biography Channel - [Channel 207]
The Biography Channel (BIO) features real stories about real people and their real lives up close and personal. BIO profiles personalities from Hollywood stars to historical figures, world leaders, business tycoons, monarchs, athletes and infamous villains.
Crime Investigation Network - [Channel 208]
Crime & Investigation is a channel that offers a successful genre worldwide and has found success in the US & worldwide with Broad Appeal of Programming. The channel examines stories behind the headlines, biographies of infamous murderers, serial killers and outlaws and probes unexplained mysteries.
Discovery Turbo - [Channel 225]
Discovery Turbo focused in male oriented programming offering an escape from the everyday lifes. It is a unique channel dedicated to all things motored. Offering adrenaline-fuelled entertainment for those who love the thrill of speed, Discovery Turbo will bring viewers along for the ride to experience the most exciting vehicles on earth.
Ginx - [Channel 226]
GINX is the first international video games channel dedicated for games lovers. It provides the reviews of the latest games, tips and tricks as well as the cheat of your favourite games.
Asian Food Channel - [Channel 240]
The Asian Food Channel (AFC) is Asia’s food channel dedicated to airing the best food and lifestyle programming from around the region and around the world. It’s a channel that provides a mix of both Eastern and Western programs in a variety of formats.
The Style Network - [Channel 241]
The Style Network is the destination for all women who want to look and feel their very best. The Style Network helps the viewers to discover their own individuality with the help of our informative programs, helpful tips and expert friends.Providing Ideas for improving your life & Inspiring you to try new things.
E! Entertainment - [Channel 242]
  E! "The ultimate destination for entertainment fans who crave the latest on celebrities, entertainment and pop culture. Get insider Hollywood news, celebrity scoops, red carpet interviews and celebrity fashion reports, providing live, red carpet reports from the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes.
Fashion TV - [Channel 243]
Fashion Tv is a 24 hours fashion channel from Paris, covers fashion shows from around the world with their latest trends from Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo even Indonesia.
Life Inspired - [Channel 245]
Li is Asia’s brand new lifestyle TV channel. Enjoy vibrant, world-class-quality, exclusive premieres of lifestyle entertainment from Food to Home, Wellness, Travel and Style. The channel showcases never-before-seen Asian premieres. An entertainment must-have for all trend seekers, Li is lifestyle and more, Li is your very own “Asian Lifestyle Editor” for trends around the world.
Discovery Home & Health - [Channel 246]
Discovery Home & Health is an empowering lifestyle channel for women who strive to be the very best they can be in all the many demanding roles they play. It consist of wide range topics including relationship, beauty & makeovers, significant life events, fitnes, home decor and many more.
National Geographic Adventure - [Channel 247]
Nat Geo Adventure aimed at younger audiences, providing programming based around outdoor adventure, travel and stories involving people having fun while exploring the world. It unleashes the spirited adventurer in all of us with its bold, high impact and exciting programming.
TLC - [Channel 248]
TLC celebrates everyday life and special occasions by offering new perspectives and shared experiences from real-life people in remarkable circumstances. Providing an eclectic mix of lifestyle programming on travel, food, design & d├ęcor ,TLC brings you life that’s anything but ordinary.
MTV SEA - [Channel 271]
MTV is a music channel that brings both Asian and international music for 24 hours presented by attractive VJ's.
Channel [V] International - [Channel 272]
CHANNEL [V] is a music and lifestyle channel featuring original programmes, international hit TV series, latest chart-topping music videos, interviews with music stars, concerts and popular VJs.
Nat Geo Music - [Channel 275]
Nat Geo Music presents 24 hours alternative music channel for local and independent label. It gives viewers and authentic sound rich in diversity from world cultures, focus on rhythm and lyrics.
Trace TV - [Channel 276]
TRACE TV is the #1 television dedicated to urban music and culture Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Groove, Electro, Dance, Salsa, Reggae, World music, Techno, Electro, urban fashion, clothing, movies, games, mobile content & events aired through videos, countdown, concerts, specials and shows. Features special program, interviews, documentaries, magazines related to urban culture
MNC Sports 1 - [Channel 300]
MNC Sports 1 provide with exclusive matches and information from the world's most celebrated leagues such as the NBA, US Open dan French Grandslam, Champion League, Euro 2012 Qualifier, Badminton Super Series, Greatest Classic Boxing and many more. 
MNC Sports 2 - [Channel 301]
MNC Sports 2 provide with premier local sports matches and information such as the Indonesian Premier League,SEA GAMES and many others not showcased by local TV stations. In addition there are new, interesting In-House programmes such as the House Magazine Kick Off (Indonesian football scene) and Pitstop (Indonesian automotive scene)

ESPN - [Channel 302]
ESPN brings viewers in Asia the most exciting sports action from around the world. The channels mix of regional and international programming ensures fans enjoy the most comprehensive sports coverage.
STAR Sports - [Channel 303]
STAR SPORTS  offers viewers a diverse array of top-flight Asian and international sports. Mostly presented live with a trademark format of entertaining, yet informative commentary. 
Eurosport - [Channel 304]
Eurosport offers viewers varied of sports games. It highlights the large number of sports that are underexposed in other regions with a European perspective and emphasis on LIVE events.
Golf Channel - [Channel 305]
Golf Channel is the first channel in Indonesia that is fully dedicated to Golf contents. Not only world class tournaments, but also various information and entertainment in the world of golf.
Channel NewsAsia - [Channel 330]
Channel NewsAsia brings viewers news and information on global development with Asian perspective with fully complemented by English and Chinese. Channel News Asia is a resource tool for professionals who work and live in Asia, or who just needs information about Asia to make informed decision.
Al Jazeera English - [Channel 331]
Al Jazeera English is the world's first English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. Award winning programming takes viewers inside the key global news stories from a fresh perspective.
BBC World News - [Channel 332]
BBC World News broadcasts a diverse mix of authoritative international news, sport, weather, business, current affairs and documentary programming with in-depth analysis of breaking news, as well as looking at the stories behind the news.
CNN International - [Channel 333]
CNN International, known as simply "CNN", is an english language television network that carries news, current affairs, sports and business programming worldwide.
Euronews - [Channel 334]
Euronews is a multilingual and European television news channel. It produces and broadcasts news programs simultaneously in eight languages on issues that pertain both to the European Union as to the world. 
Fox News - [Channel 335]
Fox News iis an American news channel. It has placed heavy emphasis on visual presentation. Graphics were designed to be colorful and attention grabbing and to allow people to get the main points of what was being said.
Sky News - [Channel 336]
Sky News is a 24 hour international news service with an emphasis on UK and international news stories. Brings you up-to-the-minute news from a European perspective. Extensive feature programming that includes business, science, technology, sport, travel, arts, entertainment and fashion.
CNBC Asia - [Channel 337]
CNBC is a global business and financial news network. Featuring the latest news & analysis from major business capitals of the world, with special weekend programs featuring sports, entertainment, personal finance, travel, luxury and current affairs
Bloomberg - [Channel 338]
Bloomberg Television is the leading global provider of data, news and analytics. Provides real-time and archived financial and market data, pricing, trading, news and communications tools in a single, integrated package to corporations, news organizations, financial and legal professionals and individuals around the world.
Australia Network - [Channel 350]
Australia Network is an Australia's international television service, offers a diverse range of unique, quality programs. Channel which not only offers news and information, also educational programs, documentary, science, and drama series.
Arirang - [Channel 351]
Arirang is an international, English-language network based in Seoul, South Korea. The channel presents a diverse lineup of programs ranging from cultural features, documentaries, language programs and other entertaining segments designed to give viewers a contemporary and accurate look at Korea, Asia and the world at large. 
CCTV NEWS - [Channel 352]
CCTV NEWS is the English language news channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the nation's largest national broadcasting network. The channel grew out of CCTV International, which was launched on September 25th, 2000. CCTV NEWS boasts a wide range of coverage, including newscasts, in-depth reports, and commentary programs, as well as a host of feature presentations.
KBS World - [Channel 353]
KBS WORLD is a 24-hour family entertainment channel provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. With 100% original programming by KBS, the channel broadcasts in Korean language along with multilingual subtitles.
NHK World Premium - [Channel 354]
NHK offers the best Japanese programming in news, documentaries, dramas, sports, variety shows, children’s and other entertainment programmes.
Russia Today - [Channel 355]
Russia Today or simply RT, is a globally broadcast English-language news channel from Russia to present the Russian point of view on events in Russia. It airs business, sports and culture news. In addition, Russia Today features documentaries, travel shows and commentaries on present-day life in Russia and Russian history.
TV5MONDE - [Channel 356]
TV5MONDE is the world-leading general-entertainment channel, broadcasting in French 24/7 and offering a wide variety of subtitled primetime films, in-depth coverage of international news six times a day, world-class sports events, high-quality documentaries and magazines, kids’ cartoons, entertaining lifestyle programs and exciting game shows. 
DW-TV ASIA+ - [Channel 357]
DW-TV ASIA+ offers a perfect mix of European lifestyle, culture and the arts as well as news and in–depth reports from business and politics. With a new 24-hours schedule providing 18 hours of english programming, DW-TV ASIA+ has all the insights from Europe that make a difference.
CCTV - 4 - [Channel 380]
An international channel in Mandarin language that brings you quality dramas, cartoons, documentaries, music and magazine shows, as well as cultural and sports programmes. 
RADIO - [Channel 500]
Trijaya FM, Elshinta, Lite FM, KIS FM, ARH Global, Hard Rock FM, TRAX FM, Sonora, PAS FM, SMART FM, Radio Net Mandiri, Pelita Kasih, Mustang, I -Radio FM, Woman Radio, BBC Radio, Voice of America(VOA), Radio Australia (ABC Radio)